Ritz-Carlton Rewards
Abercrombie & Kent

Discover the World with Abercrombie & Kent and The Ritz-Carlton

Since 1962, Abercrombie & Kent has been the world's best luxury travel company, blending authenticity, adventure and comfort in every inspiring journey. A&K has teamed up with The Ritz-Carlton to offer Ritz-Carlton Rewards members extraordinary travel opportunities, whether you choose to delve into China's ancient, mysterious treasures or explore Turkey's cultural riches and Mediterranean landscapes. A&K's intimate knowledge of every destination means exclusive access to our signature "& moments," experiences that reveal the heart of your destination. And each journey features Ritz-Carlton properties, providing for the ultimate in luxury and style. Let A&K and The Ritz-Carlton redefine your notion of what is possible on a vacation.

Redeem and Earn Points

Find out how you can turn your
Ritz-Carlton Rewards points into extraordinary travel with Abercrombie & Kent. In addition, you can earn points when you travel with A&K. Being a member has never been more rewarding.

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Exclusive A&K Itineraries

Explore A&K journeys available only to
Ritz-Carlton Rewards members. These itineraries reveal your destination at its most authentic and feature A&K's singular service and the best Ritz-Carlton properties in the region.

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Marco Polo Club

Book an A&K journey through this Ritz-Carlton Rewards offer, and enjoy a complimentary membership to A&K's Marco Polo Club, the world’s finest travel community. As a member, enjoy savings on A&K travel and exclusive partner benefits.

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Travel Inspiration

Abercrombie & Kent crafts journeys to every corner of the world. If you can dream up a journey, A&K can make it happen, down to the last detail. Read these sample journeys and start planning your next remarkable vacation.

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